The rCUDA technology was presented at HPC Advisory Council Australia Conference 2017, which took place in Perth during 31st July and 1st August. You can find a copy of the slides here. Additionally, a video of the presentation is available here.

The rCUDA Team has been working for the last 9 months in a new version of rCUDA that will mean an important step both in performance and functionality. The new version will support deep learning frameworks as well as renderer engines, in addition to HPC applications. The new rCUDA version will be released during the next months.

The rCUDA Team will show the use of rCUDA to boost TensorFlow during ISC'17 next week in Frankfurt. Come to the Mellanox booth and watch the live demo, where the performance of TensorFlow is boosted by using the rCUDA middleware.

If you are attending ISC'17 at Frankfurt, please feel free to come to the Mellanox booth and watch the new rCUDA demo about TensorFlow.

The rCUDA Team has created a Quick Start Guide in order to help rCUDA users to start enjoying the rCUDA framework as fast as possible. You can find the Quick Start Guide here.