Federico Silla and Carlos Reaño gave a tutorial about rCUDA at the HPC Advisory Swiss Conference 2018 held in Lugano (Switzerland) during April 09-12. You can watch the video here. A copy of the slides is also available (slides1 and slides2).

rCUDA was presented at the IBM POWER 9 event that took place in Valencia on March 6 2018. Results of the rCUDA middleware for the POWER architecture were provided. You can find a copy of the slides here.

The rCUDA Team is happy to announce the new release of the rCUDA remote GPU virtualization middleware. This new release is a beta version with lots of new functionality although performance is not optimized yet. The new release includes, among other characteristics, a new architecture of the rCUDA server, which has been renewed from scratch in order to provide full support to multi-threaded applications. Additionally, the rCUDA daemon now makes a better use of the GPU memory, allowing more memory for applications. Support for Deep Learning frameworks such as TensorFlow (v1.2 and v1.3) or Caffe has been introduced. Moreover, rendering programs such as Blender are now supported. New libraries, such as cuSOLVER, cuBLAS-XT and NVGRAPH, are also supported, whereas partial support is provided for the NPP library.

Carlos Reaño and Federico Silla gave a tutorial about the rCUDA middleware on Sunday 25 February 2018 at the HPCA conference that took place in Vienna, Austria.

A tutorial on rCUDA will be given next week in the context of the HiPEAC 2018 conference that will take place next week in Manchester, UK. More information at https://sites.google.com/site/rcudatutorial/home