The rCUDA Team is happy to announce that the new version of the rCUDA middleware has been released. The new version, v20.07, is the result of our hard work during the last year and a half. The new version of rCUDA includes a completely new and disruptive internal architecture both at clients and servers. This new architecture is intended to provide improved performance at the same time that CUDA applications are much better supported. Moreover, the new version of rCUDA also includes a completely new communications layer, which is intended to provide much better performance than previous versions of rCUDA. This new communications layer allows that the rCUDA server can simultaneously provide service across TCP and InfiniBand (RDMA) networks. That is, the rCUDA server can provide service to some applications by using TCP/IP at the same time that other applications are served using the InfiniBand RDMA-based network. This is done transparently to the users. Additionally, support for functions in the CUDA Driver API has been noticeably improved. Also, the use of P2P data copies among GPUs located in different remote nodes has been noticeably simplified, making it fully transparent to users. We hope that rCUDA users enjoy this new version as much as we enjoyed creating it!!