The rCUDA Team is happy to announce that a new tool will be included in the new rCUDA release. The new tool, named 'rCUDA-smi' behaves similarly to the nvidia-smi tool. In this way, the rCUDA-smi tool provides information about the remote GPUs used with rCUDA. The picture shows an example of this new tool. It can be seen in the picture that 8 GPUs, located in 5 different nodes, are used with rCUDA. The first node (node1) provides a K40m GPU. The second node (node2) provides two K80 GPUs, as well as the third node. The fourth node provides two different GPUs: one K40m and one K20. Finally, the last node provides a K40m GPU. It can be seen in this example that the new rCUDA-smi provides the same information as the NVIDIA-smi tool except that remote GPUs are considered instead of the local GPUs as the NVIDIA-smi tool does.