Due to COVID-19, Spanish universities had to switch from in-class to online teaching. In this context, lab works had to be organized in such a way that students could practice from home. In the subject "Signal and Multimedia Processors" of fourth year of the Degree in Electronic Systems Engineering (taught by the Electronic Technology Department of University of Malaga at the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering), students had to practice with CUDA. However, most students did not have the required GPU at home. In order to overcome this concern, the teacher, Francisco Javier González Cañete (fgc -(@)- uma -(.)- es), decided to install rCUDA in a server so that students could practice with CUDA without having a CUDA GPU at home. That is, students wrote their own CUDA programs in their home computer, compiled them at their computer, and executed them in a remote GPU by using rCUDA. In this way, the client side of rCUDA was used in the students' computers whereas the server side of rCUDA was running in a shared server providing service to all the students. Communication between home computers and the shared server was carried out across Internet. The experience has been a great success: students were able to practice with CUDA from home at the same time that rCUDA provided service without a single failure. Notice that each student had to devote at least 20 hours over several weeks in order to complete these lab works. The rCUDA Team is very happy about this successful experience. Additionally, given that the rCUDA Team is being much more demanding during the design and implementation of the new rCUDA version, we expect the new version of rCUDA to be very robust.