The rCUDA Team is working hard for months in order to get the new rCUDA version ready. We expect to release it within a few months. Nevertheless, we are getting some initial results. The figures next to this text show the performance of the new rCUDA version when moving data, located in pageable memory, to/from a V100 GPU. The figure labeled "V100 H2D pageable" depicts the bandwidth attained when moving data to the GPU. The traditional case (shown in green for CUDA, used locally in the same node where the GPU is) is compared with the performance of the previous rCUDA version and the performance of the new rCUDA version when using a GPU located in a different node. It can be seen that the new rCUDA version provides 2x performance over both the previous version and the original CUDA case. Similar results are achieved when moving data from the GPU back to the host (figure labeled "V100 D2H pageable").