The rCUDA Team is glad to announce that two new tutorials on rCUDA will be held during the first months of 2021. The first of the tutorials, titled "rCUDA: Going Further in Remote GPU Virtualization", will be held on January 21st 2021 at the 2020 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation (HPCS 2020). The second of the tutorials, titled "rCUDA Goes Containers: Another Step towards Remote GPU Virtualization", will be held at Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming (PPoPP 2021) on February 28th, 2021. Both tutorials will be online events due to COVID restrictions.

As part of the next rCUDA release, the rCUDA Team is trying to provide support for the unified memory in CUDA. This would allow rCUDA to provide much better support to some applications. We have some ideas about how to provide such support. We also have some ideas about how to make that support more efficient. Will we succeed? For sure we will learn a lot in the attempt.

The rCUDA Team is pleased to announce that we are creating some containers in order to distribute rCUDA with specific applications. That is, the next release of rCUDA, in addition to be distributed in the usual way (a tarball) will also be available in container form, distributed with HPC and Deep Learning applications. As we are a very small team, we will begin with a few containers and will progressively enlarge the collection of applications available.

The rCUDA Team presented several virtualization technologies at the HPC-AI Advisory Council 2020 UK Conference. The discussion included the GPU virtualization technologies created by NVIDIA, in addition to rCUDA. You can access a copy of the slides at this link.

The rCUDA Team continues improving the rCUDA middleware. We are very happy about having recently accomplished a new milestone: the LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics Simulator is now fully working with rCUDA. This achievement has been done thanks to a thorough debugging process, which has allowed us to find several hidden bugs in the rCUDA source code. The next release of rCUDA will include this bug fixing, thus making rCUDA even more robust. The next version of rCUDA will also include additional features.